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Porcheson Ps660am

Porcheson PS660AM is a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for injection moulding machines. It is a 32-bit controller with 24/24+9+3 I/O points. It has PID self-learning temperature control, multi-stroke control, and 999 groups of mould data storage. It also supports Chinese and English languages and has a real-time SPC track record. We are offering it for industrial Plastic parts manufacturing, Medical device manufacturing, Automotive parts manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing, and Consumer goods manufacturing. Avail in reasonable amounts in bulk and customized requirements. 

Features of the Porcheson PS660AM:

• 32-bit controller with 24/24+9+3 I/O points

• PID self-learning temperature control

• Multi-stroke control

• 999 groups of mold data storage

• Chinese and English language support

• Real-time SPC track record


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